Creation of online French-Language Biblical Content

We live in a digital age, and online content has a major influence on our lives. That's why SEMBEQ is convinced that the future of spiritual development in Quebec also lies on the web. We believe that theology and faith development are also embodied in relevant, up-to-date digital content.

More than ever, it's vital to bring biblical insights to the issues that are shaking our society and affecting the Church, such as :

  • Our cultural intelligence and the richness of Quebec's growing ethnocultural diversity;
  • Our understanding of the complementary roles of men and women within the Church;
  • Parenthood in a plural, diverse and digital world;
  • Sharing SEMBEQ's core values with newcomers to Quebec.

Make a transformative impact through your partnership in this project to create relevant, high-quality digital content!

We thank you for your investment in the spiritual development of Quebecers through your financial support and prayers. You are enabling thousands of French-speaking Christians and non-Christians to grow in their knowledge of Jesus through the web.

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